Exploring Skyrim, (even more screenshots)

After leveling all the main archetypes to around level 10, and being somewhat dissatisfied with all of them, I decided to try a hybrid build. I googled around to see a lot of people talking about how difficult spell-sword or mage/melee builds are, but I decided to roll one anyway.

I’m immensely happy that I did. I’m not sure what people are talking about, because this has by far been the easiest, (and the most fun), character I have rolled. My main skill is conjuration, which I use for bound weapons and Atronachs. My secondary skills are heavy armor, one handed weapons, and restoration, (largely for the regeneration perks). My offense is really powerful, since my melee benefits both from conjuration and one-handed skill points, and my defense is pretty good too. The only piece of light armor I wear is a nice hood, for the magicka. My character also looks cool, which is always a plus.

Oh, I also laughed really fucking hard at Ulfr’s book. (See the screenshots below).

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8 thoughts on “Exploring Skyrim, (even more screenshots)

  1. VigneshKrish says:

    Nice caps. Hybrid build huh? I too am playing the same thing with the same aim of creating a hybrid build with melee+destruction.

    Somewhere down the line, I got stuck with just melee and continuing onto a one-handed melee guy. Addictive. Just too addictive.

    But there is no way I’m going to restart the game. I’m already in level 30 and half way through the main quests and half way through companion quest. Finished Dark brotherhood quest too.

    My guess is that you’ll eventually get addicted to it and forget your blog completely (Happening to me actually). All the best with your build!! Hope to see more of the character caps.


    • jandrewhickey says:

      Had I started my blog when first getting into Skyrim, things would have been disastrous.

      Thankfully, taking screenshots + already having other characters reminds me to post on my blog. I’ve heard that destruction is fairly weak in the beginning, but extremely strong late game, (e.g., 70+). Maybe that’s why you just ended up rolling with melee. It definitely is the easier route in the beginning.

      I’m so glad that you can join multiple factions now, without worrying about breaking their silly rules (like in Oblivion).

      • VigneshKrish says:

        Maybe I have to work on getting the destruction perks up. Might become better in the long run. Thanks for that idea.

        The only problem I find with Skyrim is that the Dragon fights are getting easier and the other fights getting tougher. To think about it, Dragons are the primary antagonists…

  2. Sony Fugaban says:

    Where can I find the blog subscription box?

    • I just clicked the little follow button up top, and then you can change your settings to be notified via email. Or at least I think that’s how it goes…

      Anywho, nice blog here. I myself like the assassin/thief road, my kahjiit is a double bladed assassin who can pickpocket someone’s armor off. (I joke, I haven’t tried that, yet…)

      • jandrewhickey says:

        I loved my sneak based build, but I got too frustrated with dragons… Obviously, you can’t sneak up on them, so one-on-oneing them, I got wtfpwnt.

  3. Sony Fugaban says:

    Hehe … Tsk tsk tsk! I just saw it. Thank you!!!

  4. amirazara says:

    I freaking LOVE Skyrim. Great screen shots. The game was so well designed.. sometimes I forget it is a game.. lol.

    My blog:

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