Exploring Skyrim, (more screenshots).

According to my site stats, these are relatively popular, so I thought I would share some more. Written posts are still coming, these are just supplementary.

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3 thoughts on “Exploring Skyrim, (more screenshots).

  1. CatastroFUCK says:

    I love me some Skyrim, Played for like …well…umm..I dont know the exact number of hours but however many it takes for you to lose your girlfriend.

  2. jandrewhickey says:

    I think the number of hours correlate with the devotion of your girlfriend, but I had the same experience.

    No matter, I can get waifus in Skyrim, especially with mods.

  3. Hello and thank you for following The Quest Gaming Podcast! This is Evarwyn of the The Quest and I wanted to drop you and line and say that we appreciate you as a listener! I also see that you are a Skyrim fan! As you may have heard, we’re going gaga over the game on the show (and yes, I used gaga lol).

    Here’s a little secret…we’re debuting a Skyrim podcast next week called “Skyrim: Off the Record”! You can already find us on iTunes by searching for the show and I’d like to leave you this link to the new show’s webpage:


    Love to hear from you in the future, don’t be shy. Btw, keep up the great work on the blog, very thought provoking ideas in your money and morality essay.

    Best Regards,

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